V/a ( S3a,ponty Mython, Ny*ak,d-ribeiro

“Qs002 (180g Vinyl)”

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180g Vinyl , Deluxe 4C Comic Style Artwork ! Quartet Series, an independent record label founded by Maurits Verwoerd (Nachtbraker) and Giuseppe D’Alessandro (KiSk) in 2016. Track list: A1 S3A – Antois Benime (Austral Parc) , A2 Ponty Mython – Lovin You Is A Pleasure B1 NY*AK – Lovess , B2 D-Ribeiro – Mansa II Info: Things are getting grim. The Good Guys and The Bad are determined to settle their escalating dispute in the ring. After the bookies have taken their bets, The Bad Guys are taking the upper hand in the first few rounds. The nefarious comment about their beloved mother seems to have sparked uncontrollable rage in the pair. Don’t rule out the Good Guys just yet though, as they seem to be plotting something their opponents from the dark side won’t see coming… For the second outing in the Quartet Series, French fry and Parisian Concrete resident S3A (Sampling As A n Art, Faces) infuses the good guys with some positive energy. No matter the weather, one simple cannot ignore the good vibes being thrown down here. S3A shares his side of the record with Russian comrade Ponty Mython (Dirt Crew, Quintessentials), a producer who is never afraid to step out of his comfort zone. His ‘Lovin You Is A Pleasure’ is a glorious exploration of Afro rhythms and unconventional sounds against an Adriatic backbeat. Will this curveball be the silver bullet the Good Guys will be slinging at their evil adversaries? Problem is, Team Badness has also been enlisting secret weaponry. Newcastle’s very own NY * AK (Technicolour/Ninja Tune, Karakul) decided to walk over to the turn to the dark side. Don’t be fooled by the continuous chanting of “love” throughout the track or those soothing Rhodes chords, as the raw MPC beats will hit you hard. Finally, D-Ribeiro (4lux, Meda Fury), hailing from Rotterdam, provides the proverbial dragon punch with synths hammering down like chainsaws and a devastating baseline. No love lost between these two fighting machines, so kick back, relax

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