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Special remarks : 12” with printed out deluxe sleeve, Limited Edition 300. Genre : Deep house/Electronica Tracklist A1 Neidio , A2 Timelanding B1 Variation II, B2 Neij Shortinfo: Young producer from Amiens, Duns Scott first fell in love with rock and post rock. It’s after coming across the music of Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and other Warp artists, that he starts delving into the many subgenres of electronic music. Eventually, he becomes a proper record digger of Jazz, Funk and Disco, which will deeply affect his music writing. “Neidio” is the outcome of a mixture of influences, each tune with its own idiosyncratic sound and story. “Timelanding” was drafted as if a real studio session with actual musicians was happening, the jazz vocal samples try to instate the synergy of musicians interacting with each other. “Neij” is the imaginary soundtrack of a dream inspired by the art cover of the EP. Mixed by Duns Scott / Masterized by Sven Weisemann.

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