Vince Watson, Frank Lorber

“Speaker Freaker / L'obscure Objet Du Dés”

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Tracklist: (A1) Speaker Freaker (B1) L’Obscure Objet Du Désir Info: Cocoon Recordings is back with another limited 10″ edition! Scotsman Vince Watson and Frankfurt Cocoon family member Frank Lorber are in charge for our latest baby and with no exageration we feel this is going to be one of this years highlights! Although hailing from Erskine in Scotland and meanwhile residing in Amsterdam “Speaker Freaker” by Vince Watson appears like a Detroit house gem in perfection! This is Planet E, this is electronic art, this is a deeper than deep tech-house-lovers delight! If you missed the high times of Detroit techno maester Vince Watson beams you straight back to it - however not without adding up to date soundscapes and frequencies. You might guessed it already and we have to admit: We really fell in love with this one… big time! After so much deepness there is time to speed up the pace a bit and get us something to freak out now. Frank Lorber’s “L’Obscure Objet Du Désir” seems the perfect food for our needs. There is a strong beat, a massive and freaky acidic bassline and driving hihats. Frank created a kickin’ techno monster spiced up with cool effects and break-downs. This is the soundtrack for dark clubnights full of smoke and screaming dancers who are about to turn the dancefloor upside down. What an amazing double pack, both tunes with definetely be around for a long time and we can’t wait to hear them in a club!

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