Apes Go Bananas

“All We Have (vinyl Only Release)”

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12″ - EP (vinyl only release) Tracklist 12″: A. All We Have, B1. She Cargo, B2. Ape Parade The second release on the vinyl only series of Apes Go Bananas finally drops. The label is the new imprint from Steve Bug and Clé, who together make up the production team for the releases. As with the well-received first EP, ‘All We Have ‘ is straight-up, no-nonsense, dance floor-filling house tracks. Lead cut ‘All We Have’ settles right into the groove with crisp and funky percussion, chi-town chords and amazing vocal samples. It’s got peak time written all over it. ‘She Cargo’ makes its influences pretty clear via the title, and the track certainly references some of the iconic sounds of the home of house. Thick, rubbery bass lines, squiggly synths and firing percussion combine to deliver a suitable a homage to the windy city. ‘Ape Parade’ is built from some similar materials, but the chords are a little more lush and deep - synth strings and keys add a sense of the epic, and everything is tied together with a sick kick / snare / hat pattern. Three modern killers for the floor, infused with the spirit of classic house.

APE002 in the media

DJ: “Samuel Bailey Apple “great stuff!” Mihai Popoviciu Poker Flat “quality house music! will play!” Marco Resmann
Upon You Records / Watergate “"She Cargo" is my favorite banana here. Thanks!” AME / Kristian “thanks” Martin Landsky poker flat “big!” Mash Mixmag “Liked the last and this is great. Nice snappy, bleep house” Phonique “perfect all 3” Marc Schneider Hamburg “she cargö she cargö” Benoit C Tsugi “She cargo for me” Greg Fenton
Cruise: UK / Weekly reviews for Magazine Sixty & DMC Magazine “good track” hofer66
dub ibiza network / ibiza global radio / balearic beats / dubibiza.com / facebook.com/andreas.simon66 “house house baby :-)” Denney Poker Flat/ Hot Creations / VIVa Music / Back to Basics “Thanks digging all these!” Noir 
Noir Music “All We Have is great” Hutch i-D “Big!” Kev Obrien
Stranjjur / Brooklyn, NYC / Ibiza-Voice / DataTransmission / Pulse Radio “amazing, funky yet melancholic vibes, loving all these !” Alland Byallo 
Bad Animal, Third Ear Recordings “'All We Have' and 'Ape Parade' are quite fun! Thanks!” youAndMe Poker Flat / Ornaments “nice funky grooves! thx.” Taylor Bedrock “Ape Parade is my fave here, cheers for sending.” Tim Engelhardt Poker Flat / Cityfox “alle tracks cool...mein fav "ape parade"..super vibe!” Iain taylor 
rejekts. sankeys. space ibiza etc / www.wearetherejekts.co.uk “Love it! Big Support x” Fideles Poker Flat “Super sound here.” Animal Trainer Hive “She Cargo and Ape Parage are classy tracks!” ”

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