“The Waxidermist”

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Special remarks : 12″ limited edition with reverse cardboard sleeve. Includes Download card with full EP + all instrumental version. Tracklist A1. Listen (Feat. Mattic & Astrid Engberg) A2. The Man With The Wax Hand (Feat. Racecar) A3. Put It In Your Pipe (Feat. Bruce Sherfield) B1. Come Close (Feat. Elodie Rama) B2. Parasites (Feat. Pumpkin) B3. Twilight To Paradise Shortinfo: Among the diggers, there is a legend. Here’s what we known: Here are a few decades now, since the advent of samplers and MPC, that regularly, for no apparent reason, many Hip Hop producers disappear without we never found them yet. The police never solved these cases. No traces, no clues, no witnesses … nothing! or … but nothing than a Commissioner is able to use or analyze … posthumous alleged securities, pieces of drafts, plans … only vinyl! Time to Time, you can heard some stories circulating about a strange being who hangs in vinyls cellars. Some call Graham but nothing proves it … anything that can overlap in the various stories, that can be gleaned on the right or left, among MC’s, comes down to a hand-vinyl strikes when They fall on the sample … sample legend killer is rooted there ! And we can not fall on it without meeting The WAXIDERMIST. Among its victims, we speak here of the last dated: the man called LAWKYZ has disappeared. At the bottom of the cellar where last seen entering, one found tracks, music. MC’s : Mattic (Wax Tailor, Empire of Sound) Racecar (Soul Square, Sax Machine, Asagaya) Bruce Sherfield (Versus, The Sophia Lorenians), Pumpkin and singers : Astrid Engberg (Modonut, La Fine Equipe, Jukebox Champions), Elodie Rama (Hocus Pocus, Natural Self) decide to tell a story that no one has ever heard …

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