Donny Benét

“Working Out”

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TRACKLIST: A1: Working Out A2: Extended Version B1: Francis Inferno Orchestra Remix B2: Extended Instrumental Version Info: Donny Benét. You know the name by now. Man of the people. Wielder of synths. Virtuosic in style, both aural and visual. Sydney’s undisputed master of conduction through seduction. The man has an almost otherworldly control over his music and his crowd. One slap of the bass and the world melts at his feet. One outrageous synth solo after the other and the competition falls around him. Donny Benét makes you sweat. Donny Benét brings the heat. We are unbelievably honoured to have Donny Benét make his Plastic World debut with “Working Out", a pulsating ode to the things in life that get you perspiring. “Working Out” is a tune take the trademark sound that Donny has spent years mastering, and invigorates it further with new sides to him that you never knew you needed. The same dripping bass and suggestive synths, but now they are framed behind the driving four-four kicks of a drum machine. This is music made for movement. Donny has more: “Everyone loves to work up a sweat in all aspects of life - exercising, working hard, making love, making music - it’s all there in this song. “I was on a bike ride (I cycle most days for a few hours), which is usually where I have written all of the songs that I"m most happy with. It was quite a busy day where I ride, there were heaps of people out working up a sweat. Cycling can be quite rhythmic and I’d worked up a tempo in no time and some ideas for a song came - I then passed a couple of girls in active wear and one of them was wearing a shirt with the text “Working Out” written on it. That just seemed like the perfect vibe for the tempo I was at…

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