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Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant is proud to present Uriah Klapter’s debut EP. Hailing from Tel Aviv and a long-time member of the city’s legendary Breakfast Club, each of these three deep techno tracks is tailored for late nights, long blends and otherworld hypnosis. With a decade of DJing providing him with the perfect tools to conjure spells on the dancefloor, Correspondant have fired the starter’s pistol on what’s likely to become a vast repertoire from the young Israeli artist… Uriah catapults us into the misty ageless ether with ‘Hashomer’ where clicky drum machine elements start the motor and the bassline does the driving before a subtle-but-twinkling arpeggio and soaring synth commandeer the driver’s seat. As the synth takes a sudden turn for the psychedelic, all your senses of time, space and place will vanish… Only to reappear as he brings it all back together on the climax.

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