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Deep moody emotive techno tracks on Recondite’s own Plangent label. Recondite goes back to its roots with this release with deep lush tracks that are not just aiming at the dancefloor, and just like with first 4 releases on the label no repress on this title! Uchi delivering 3 conceptual and personal tracks that were made over the past 2 and a half years. Luna (January 2016), was named after a talking cat. It’s kind of a sad story. You will find some synth sounds, three different kick drums, and a couple hi-hats. It’s kind of moody. You can take it as it is, or not. Pride is Poison (July 2014) ironically, it’s titled after experiencing dosages of unhealthy relationships, though it might be the one people like the most. It’s sad-ish, noisy, bouncie, and bassie? That about sums it up. INC (February 2016) is titled after the International Noise Conference, where it was recorded. Actually it’s a 3 part spliced zoom room recording of a 25min long improvisation, made in a punk bar. The argument here holds; Is it really worth it to make perfect music? Where is the concept of ‘’live'’ in techno anyways? It doesn’t matter. It’s just a semi-distorted recording of a moment that meant nothing to almost no one, and yet it lives. Plangent is digging deeper!

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