Rupert Marnie

“Wizard Ep, 160g Vinyl”

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Special remarks : Singelsided, marbeld 160gr vinyl, limited to 150 Tracklist: A1 - CDboy (UFOhagen) Info: It was in June of 1980. After a long and intense journey through time and space, Rupert Marnie met spiritual highness Frater loannis and became his apprentice. The Magus told him invaluable things, like controlling his precious bodily fluids and the holistic mastery of others’ endocrine glands. The greatest wisdom though reached him on his seventh day, when Frater loannis professed him an an-cient ritual that would allow him to meet the Titan Ufohagen, also known as CDboy. It was the 4th, when he appeared, dressed in a long, slim silk cloak, a sprinkling wand in his right. Rupert stood in awe, immediately losing his newly gained fluid control, and started crafting a piece of music, that would remind mankind that not all is lost, as long as there is almighty Ufohagen.

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