Drei Farben House

“Fluency Fabrics”

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Tracklist: A1 Fair Weather 6:25 min B1 Black Mountain College 5:56 min B2 Brown And Beige 6:44 min C1 Rive Gauche 6:12 min C2 Nostalgic Tyme 6:07 min D1 Cable Knit 5:45 min D2 Stateside 6:08 min Info: For all of his life Berlin based musician Drei Farben House has been thrilled by the artistic concepts of repetition and modifying resemblances. Small but precise and perceptible variations of (musical) themes have been fascinating him throughout his life as a lover of dance-infused Pop. The artistic concept of handwriting has been questioned in the world of fine arts with some justification, but Michael Siegle aka Drei Farben House has remained a strong advocate of this artistic principle which in his view has resulted in so many impressive musical expressions in the history of Soul and Disco – reference points which have been particularly important to Siegle’s creative work. The album’s sleeve shows the ‘Doris and Norman Fisher House’ in Hatboro (a suburb of Philadelphia) designed by Louis I. Kahn from 1960-1967. Kahn, based in Philadelphia and one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century, was already in his sixties and progressively getting famous around this time for his sensitive combination of concrete and brick in larger scales. The almost spiritual sensibility of his buildings and his poetry of light created deep, fundamental connections between the spaces and their inhabitants. New Release Information “Every building must have . . . its own soul”, this famous quote of Kahn can easily be seen in the modest and wonderfully warm Fisher house which consits of two intersecting cubic volumes created from cedar wood – finished at the same time when only twenty miles away the newly founded Sigma Sound Studio recorded the Delfonics first record, installing the basements of Philadelphia Soul which was later leading to Phillysound, Disco and House. Drei Farben House likes his new album ‘Fluency Fabrics’ to be seen as a piece o

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