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“Arvet Ep (180g , Hq Printed Outer/inner,”

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180g Vinyl , Limited to 300 with HQ Artwork including printed outer and inner sleeve esigned by Marcus Henriksson. Home Records is the musical output for Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue, Nobody Home, Son Kite. Tracklist A. Arvet 8.19 / B. Ensam, men ändå inte 9.14 Releaseinfo: Music, cover and all creation comes from the woods of Sweden. A place called Studio Cosmos. This is the home of Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue, Son Kite, Nobody Home. A place situated far away from modern cities and neighbours. It is here these frequencies comes from. Expressing dance music connected to nature and with the aim of being less “polluted” by modern society and it’s structures. the rave and dance movement that started in the beginning of the 90’s was the collective subconsciousness expression of the dance ritual that we human beings have been doing for thousands of years. Dancing and getting into trance with the help of hypnotic and repetitive drumming is built into our DNA. The modern world labeled it Rave. This was the beginning of the whole dance music scene that we have today. Arvet is a swedish word for heritage. It is pointing to where we humans truly come from. Nature. It is our roots and we can not forget these if we are to stay connected to our soul and our planet. Home Records and Studio Cosmos prefer not to put music into styles or genres in order to keep it as clean and pure as possible. It is dance music with the aim of getting into trance and have inner journeys with it.

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