Bigeneric (marco Repetto)

“Spielmanda (album 2 Cd)”

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- Composed by renowned swiss artist Marco Repetto (Grauzone w/ Stephan Eicher, Rephlex Records) , - For fans of Fax +49-69/450464, Rephlex, Tetsu Inoue, Electronic, Ambient and Chill Out. - - Strictly limited edition of 500 SADCD copies housed in heavy double digisleeve jacket. CD1 CD2 1. Heart Rebels 1. Ceridas 2. Violacea 2. Altrove 3. Les Zodiars 3. Palude Blu 4. Picaaro Tribu 4. Cyclema 5. Kriztallo 5. Weltbaum 6. Celestar 6. Serpyler 7. Swallow 7. Spielmanda 8. Floridos Anarkika 8. Oskera Mental Groove Records is thrilled to announce Bigeneric’s new double album entitled “Spielmanda” in collaboration with the artist own INZEC imprint. Swiss artist Marco Repetto is the chromatic brain behind Bigeneric musical project and has a strong background in the burgeoning scenes of minimal synth (Grauzone with Stephan Eicher), early techno (Synectics on Aphex Twins’ Rephlex imprint) and ambient / trance (Planet Love on Superstition). Spielmanda album reflects the artist deep love for nature, psychedelia, health and futurism. The title is borrowed from a book by Berner writer and myths researcher Sergius Golowin and is a fictional legendary and mystic place in the Swiss pre-alps, a place that Marco Repetto explores through the 16 tracks of this album that he has constructed and tested at numerous performances. A truly justified and bright +2 hours long daydreaming walk across the deep forests and infinitively colorful meadows of imaginary Spielmanda’s landscapes and beyond, with Marco Repetto’s heart rebel signature, a unique and modern mixture of technology driven hippie & punk culture. - 117th release from versatile swiss imprint Mental Groove Records (Donato Dozzy, Bruno Spoerri, Eduardo De La Calle, Kenji Kawaii, Orlando Voorn, Nate Krafft, Sinner DC, Orbe, Lugano Fell, Keiichi Tanaka, Tommasso Cappelato…)

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