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Tracklist: (A1) Neyst (B1) Enokid Info: Rico Puestel is in charge for our Cocoon Recordings 144th release. Rico is an “producer animal” who released more than 100 tracks & remixes since 2005 under various project names such as Dinamoe, Central Scrutinizer and of course under his main moniker Rico Puestel. The enormous amount of productions shaped Rico’s knowledge and taste and his new cocoon release “Neyst” and “Enokid” seems to be the logical result of his long journey through the techno-universe. Puestels style is very unique and merges elements of dark and hypnotic mainfloor techno as well as orchestral sounds and even industrial elements. “Neyst” is the perfect hypnotic and dark techno circle that keeps on progressing and building up into sheer madness. No fast food, no leightweight, this is heavy techno business! “Enokid” comes with a little more of a Chicago house vibe however it is again still deep in Puestels very own style. We especially fancy the crazy break in the middle with the spaced out room effect part and the melody coming in after the break. As stompy and musclepacked this track is, it still seems to be very musical and deep at the same time - what a trip! This one demands a good and proper sound system, well what other Cocoon Release doesn’t?

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