“Prix, Lotic, Bruce La Bruce Vs Madlick R” | “Yellow Vinyl!”

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- Limited edition of 500 in specially designed numbered sleeves - pressed on yellow translucent vinyl - MP3 Download code included Tracklist : A1. Don’t Get All Upset B1 Spritz It A2. Don’t Get All Upset (Lotic Remix) B2 Spritz It (Bruce LaBruce Vs MADLICK Remix) A3 Don’t Get All Upset (Instumental) B3 Spritzappella Info: Brian Tennessee Claflin, aka Prix, was a radical and fiery figure who worked on the intersecting fringes of Berlin’s art and nightlife scenes since he moved there in 2006 up until his tragic death in 2014 at the age of 33. He ran the notorious Sunday soirée PORK at Ficken3000, and left behind a small but very powerful body of art; developing a cult following of friends, family, and fans in a brief but intense period of frenetic activity. Between 2009 and 2013, Brian and his friend, the American cum Berlin musician and producer Snax, produced music and sound collages. All these productions met somewhere at the intersection of dance, voodoo, bitchiness and punk and several were used for Brian’s performance pieces. The Brian Tennessee Claflin Foundation and Snax’s Random Records are very proud to finally release two tracks from these sessions, as well as remixes, digital and as vinyl EP, in a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies. The first track showcased on the PRIX EP, entitled “Don’t Get All Upset", addresses the politics and hypocrisy Brian confronted while working in the world of nightlife. Taken directly from his experiences as promoter of the notorious PORK party at Ficken3000, Prix lambastes anyone who dares to challenge her while Snax supports it all with a tense and strutting funk. B- side “Spritz It” is nothing less than an electro monster from the underground. Just how much damage, pleasurable and otherwise, can one inflict on the erogenous zones? Prix’s gender fluid party anthem shows one the way. Remixes come courtesy of artists who knew and loved Brian personally: Janus party stalwart Loti

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