New Jackson

“From Night To Night (cd)”

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TRACKLISTING: 1. From Night to Night , 2. Blaze All Day , 3. Put the Love In It , 4. SP2 , 5. On Solid Air , 6. Found The One , 7. Anyas Piano , 8. After Midnight in A Perfect World , 9. Cadaquez 10. Of A Thousand Leaves LISTENING LINK: OVERVIEW: There aren’t many artists that can lay claim to having put out records on labels as divergent as Rough Trade and John Talabot’s Hivern Discs. Perhaps this is because few artists express such genuine diversity in their musical tastes and creative explorations as David Kitt. Since the turn of the decade as New Jackson he has mined a seam of driving, ghostly house to run parallel with his solo strand of ambient folk electronica. His debut release in 2011 The Night Mail on Pogo channeled early record collection heroes Aphex Twin and Orbital through to Drexciya and Projekt PM but had one foot firmly in the 21st century beaming in like some futuristic cyberballad. On the flip side Hussle Free had that mix of house and boogie sensibilities with dark and dusty synths and vocoder that would become a signature. This was followed by acclaimed releases on Hivern, Permanent Vacation, Major Problems, Apartment and most recently Cin Cin. His debut album set for release on All City in May was recorded in Kitt’s bedroom studio overlooking Dublin bay, its nocturnal hues very much a product of the nightshift often working on headphones with the rest of his housemates fast asleep. It takes full advantage of the scope of the LP format, ebbing and flowing between deep house club ready gems and more restrained and meditative beatless moments for the morning after. The recording process yielded many eureka moments with Kitt finally nailing sounds that had hitherto proved elusive. A key moment was getting a bank loan to buy an SP 1200 sampler - “It’s a sound I’ve tried to get close to for almost half my life now and the only way to r

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