Move D, Jonah Sharp, Juju & Jordash

“The Mulholland Free Clinic (3xlp)”

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3LP Album Move D, Jonah Sharp, Juju & Jordash build the new supergroup The Mulholland Free Clinic. Their self-titled debut LP release is the recording of their second ever improvised, allhardware live set which emphasizes the ongoing paradigm shift in live electronic music. Tracklist A Vital Signs B Boneset C Gone Camping D Ebb & Flow E The Dawgs Are Alright F1 Dr. Leary F2 Pillow Therapy Even though they’ve only played together on three occasions since 2013, The Mulholland Free Clinic has already been praised as one of the ultimate collaborations when it comes to underground and improvised electronic live music. Move D, Jonah Sharp, and Juju & Jordash build this so-called super-supergroup by combining their individual and mutual projects rEAGENZ and Magic Mountain High. Using an armada of analog hardware, The Mulholland Free Clinic’s self-titled debut album is the product of a live set recorded at Berlin’s emerging party series AWAY at ://about blank in August 2016. Consequently, the connected vinyl label Away Music is set to release its first long player following four 12-inches with appearances by Joe Claussell, Mr. Ties, Move D, Discrete Circuit, and its very own AWAY Soundsystem. Their three-hour long, totally improvised jam session was edited down to a little over

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