Portable Sunsets

“Order (2 Lp Gatefold)”

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2LP Gatefold Album Tracklist A1 Trust Fall A2 Hyperstability A3 Vega B1 Cruise Control B2 Tract B3 Spree C1 Time Freaks C2 What Wave C3 Native D1 Semiformal D2 Millionth D3 Believe Portable Sunsets is one of the monikers of Peter Segerstrom: a producer based in Brooklyn, US. He previously released his full-length album ‘Bless’ on Atomnation, an LP as ‘Surfing’ on 1080p and another Portable Sunsets LP on Deadelus ‘Magical Property’ label. ‘Order’ is the follow up of these records and is a dreamy, somewhat lo-fi experimental techno LP. Combined with an ancient ambient undertone, ‘Order’ is not loosing its club ready vibe. This record floats somewhere between laid-back warehouse techno and the electronica genre - very much representing a unique style: Peter often uses his own voice in his productions, programmed through self-created synths in MAX/MSP. Vocals have become textures and are used as a synth, pad or soundscape. The combination of genres makes ‘Order’ a perfect record to dream away on at home, as well as to dance to in clubs.

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