Stefano Mainetti (soundtrack)

“Zombi 3- Repress B Side Changed!”

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- This is The “Special edition” with different B Side /as opposed to WRWTFWW011 File under: Soundtrack, Haunting Synth, Decadent FM Rock & Erotic Funk. Tracklisting*: A1 - Seq 1 , A2 - Seq 2, A3 - Seq 3, A4 - Seq 4, A5 - Seq 5, A6 - Seq 6, A7 - Seq 7, A8 - Seq 8 New B Side: 1. DJ Blue Heart - Intro 2. Tumble Down 3. DJ Blue Heart - Hole In The Ozone (skit) 4. Nature 5. Ecological Bullshit (skit) 6. DJ Blue Heart - Dig It (skit) 7. The Sound of Fear 8. DJ Blue Heart - Important Announcement (skit) 9. Slow Think 10. DJ Blue Heart - Serious Business (skit) 11. Tumble Down (instrumental) 12. DJ Blue Heart - The Nightmare Is Over…? (skit) 13. Slow Think (instrumental) 14. DJ Blue Heart - Immortal Vibes (skit) 15. The Sound of Fear (instrumental) ZOMBI 3 - THE SOUNDTRACK Classic Edition & Special Edition - Available Now on We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want ! WRWTFWW Records is delighted to unleash the complete uncut soundtrack for Lucio Fulci & Bruno Mattei’s cult zombie-ploitation gem Zombi 3 (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 aka Sanguelia 2, 1988) available on 2 different collector’s edition vinyls for the first time ever. The Classic Edition comes in red is dead colored vinyl with a red Japanese Sanguelia 2 VHS obi and has a helicopter pictured on the back cover. The Special Edition has the same songs as the Classic Edition PLUS bonus skits/interludes with DJ Blue Heart talking (taken from the movie) on the b-side and comes in green inferno colored vinyl with a green Japanese Sanguelia 2 VHS obi and DJ Blue Heart pictured on the back cover. Both versions are housed in heavy old style Stoughton casebound tip-on jackets - pick your poison - get infected! This future deluxe edition OOP classic is packed with menacing synths, ghoulish melodies, and contaminated anthems remastered directly from the rare original reels of maestro Stefano Mainetti which were found at an abandoned top secret research facility.

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