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“Cocoon Compilation Q”

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The CD Edition ! Tracklisting: CD (LP =CORLP040, LTD to 500) 1. (A) Kamran Sadeghi – Anno Domini 2. (B) Alex & Digby – Da Dang 3. © Sebastian Mullaert – Ode to Be 4. (D) Harald Björk – Spring 5. (E) Carlos Nilmmns – Fragile feat. Genoveva 6. (F) Rico Puestel – If’ I’d Care More 7. (G) Söllscher & Siech – Pulse Train 8. (H) Johannes Volk – Luminance 9. (I) Fort Romeau – Sequence in D 10. (J) John Tejada – Blitzar 11. (K) Acid Pauli – Toms Heimweh 12. (L) Baba Stiltz – All I Can (About You) Cocoon Recordings presents: Q! Cocoon Recordings presents „Q“ - the new edition of one of the longest running techno compilation series worldwide! We do not want to start again by mentioning how unbelievable it is that we have reached letter Q already … and we do not even want to imagine how fast we will probably arrive at XYZ, if time continues to fly like this. The actual thrilling part of this compilation series is simply the fact that Techno seems to not grow any older in this form - isn’t this amazing? Here, in the truest sense of the word, we have a compilation of timeless material before us. With a broad bandwidth ranging from „futuristic-deconstructive“ compositions such as “Da Dang” by Alex & Digby and “Fragile” by Carlos Nilmmns or the many contributions to Q that fancy almost anachronistic acid and trance influences: Everything sounds fresh and forward thinking! The vocal parts and the arrangement of “All I Can (About you)” by Baba Stiltz appear like electronic singer songwriting. The musical approach of Baba Stiltz is slightly similar to big Pepe Bradock productions and their Dada aesthetic. In contrast to this, “Anno Domini” by Kamran Sadeghi follows the sound approach of early Maurizio / Basic Channel records and reminds us that modern techno does not always have to be impulsive and kicking, and certainly does not define itself over the most extreme “drops” (sick!). New Release Information Harmonies and melodies of all kinds and

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