Mugwisa International Xylophone Group

“Santuri's Embaire Umeme Ep”

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2017 repress due to high demand and crazy online prices!! Santuri’s Embaire Umeme E.P. got a Worldwide Premiere from Gilles Peterson “On a never-ending quest to support and exposure far off musical cultures around the world, the next On The Corner releases sees them look to Uganda. Teaming up with Santuri (an East African electronic music innovation project) and Soundthread (a creative development non-profit), they have worked alongside the Mugwisa International Xylophone Group with modern recording techniques and further re-arrangement on two remixes. The first, by Sam Jones, was Premiered last week by Stamp The Wax, and today ushers in the second by Alejandro Mosso. A thudding kick drum at the first beat aims this one straight towards the early evening dancefloor. Working in unison with samples from the giant wooden xylophone and conversations between the musicians, serves to place the track back into its original context and is allowed to settle for a couple minutes, before what sounds like a kora or zither brings a Far-Eastern twist. With the slow-burning, steady elements of a balearic production and the beguiling hypnotism of Steve Reich’s work this is a big Worldwide favourite.” 104441;"Following a killer debut on Optimo Trax Michele Mininni debuts on R&S with the heavy hitting psych detonation of ‘Rave Oscillations’ Hailing from Southern Italy, Mininni’s influences run to kraut, post rock, new wave and electronic amongst others, a long time DJ he manages to condense his influences into beguiling productions that come as a welcome breath of originality. Taking a heavy dose of inspiration from seminal kraut groovers Silver Apples, ‘Rave Oscillations’ builds from the hypnotic motorik groove and off kilter bass into a pulsing peak time anthem. On the flip, ‘Vortex Stasi’ takes things into a more psychedelic direction - dubbed out piano, jittery rhythms and spiralling swathes of guitar blossom into a truly tripped out, squalling, breakneck concoction. Mininni’s kaleidoscopic musical vision is a truly unique proposition, a myriad of different styles and genres deformed under his oblique lens to create sun-drenched space music

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