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“Polyrhythmic Series #2”

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Tracklist 002 C1. Bartellow - Hack C2. Konrad Wehrmeister - Schniekdub D1. Günther Lause - Spiralkiemer D2. Larkin & The Sky - Jurte Shortinfo: SVS Records was set up in 2013 by Benedikt Brachtel and Daniel Hermann-Collini as an imprint of the SVS Residencies. Since 2007, every late summer, SVS organises residencies which take different artists out of their comfort zone and confront them with a primal lifestyle far away from their familiar periphery. The residencies take place every year for 2 weeks in secluded venues around the world. Without a mobile network yet packed with a great deal of studio equipment, the seclusion of the venue does not only affect the social coexistence but also the artistic output of all participants. Everything focuses on the elementary: eating, sleeping, nature and the production of music that would not be the same if it wasn’t for these circumstances. SVS Records reflects the musical output of these musicians who are part of the constant, and growing, collective. Polyrhythmic Series #1, #2, #3 was the first instalment of SVS giving each participant the task to create music which evolves conceptually around polyrhythms.

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