“Asino Sardo”

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LabelSvsCat. No.SVS006
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Tracklist A1. Yo A2. Om Bella A3. 100 A4. Envelopin A5. Se Zwei A6. Takes For Pleasure A7. Niu B1. Ole B2. Muli B3. Irg B4. Yiee B5 Wiie Shortinfo: Zaquoir alias Matthias Gro is a producer and musician currently living in Leipzig. After sending more than 10 GIGABITES of great music to SVS Records, we sat down together and tied a selection of his really eclectic styles of production together into one LP, creating some sort of showreel created in the timespan of over 15 years. Zaquoir himself sees the record as a reminiscent mood of a donkey in the Sardinian sun and describes the record as a trip in itself, allowing the listener to traverse the lines of various acoustic landscapes. The tracks on the LP where produced in six different places, including a historic house in the centre of Vilnius, Leipzig, at a French-German art association and a village in Northern Bavaria. The record playfully finds itself somewhere between early Rephlex releases, AFXs Ambient Works and The Other People Place slowly but steadily picking up listeners around the world.

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