Luc Marinanni

“L'humour Ep/ M. Dygas, Vril, Anno Stamm”

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A1 - Luc Marianni - Six Synthetic Suites (Anno Stamm remix) Berlin producer Anstam’s remix of Six Synthetic Suites is quite a trip. The producer has crafted a dubbed-out version, almost sub aquatic in its sound design, structured around a murky but driving techno beat on which he layers Marianni’s sounds. Exotic instruments, unusual timbres, daring melodies and even slapped bass: the contrast between these sounds and Stamm’s grayscale groove is powerful. A2 Vril - Synthetic Suite Giegling artist Vril uses samples from Marianni’s Six Synthetic Suites released in 1986 to produce this lovely slab of dub techno. Carefully crafted, this track is all about soft edges, with a kind of blurry and hazy vibe that permeates it. A sense of motion is conveyed by the sparse but efficient rhythmic section, with chords and melodic elements giving the impression of floating. With much more contrast and complexity than it might seem at first listen, this is beyond your usual dub techno cut. B1 Luc Marianni - Six Synthetic Suites (Margaret Dygas remix) Also based in Berlin, Margaret Dygas’ own remix of Six Synthetic Suites is a deconstructed affair, built around a half step groove, ready to be used creatively in DJ sets. Somewhere between an ambient excursion and a more rhythmic jam, the producer uses a sparse palette of hallucinogenic, dizzying sounds with a dash of eerie darkness that gives this version a melancholic, unsettling nature.

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