“For The Forgetful Ep”

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Track list: A1 - Slate A2 - For the Forgetful B1 - The Blackout B2 - Second Valley B3 - Rest (Refrain) Release Info: Night Tide founder Eluize returns to the label with her follow up to last year’s debut release “Talk In Technicolour". Her latest five track sonic trip “For the Forgetful” follows 24 hours searching to be lost, finding comfort in the dance floor, time spent after hours and the day that follows. It seeks out soaring highs and sweeping lows covering all energies. “Slate” opens. A deep offering, subtle and enthralling. Bright eyed keys, smooth strings, a snare that snaps and a swelling sub alludes to what’s to come. The tale continues with “For the Forgetful", a hypnotic, punchy, deep house workout, alluring and sensual it beckons with whispered promises, abyssal toms, twisted pads and intricate percussion. We go harder on the flip, ruthless, pushing, pulsing “The Blackout” shakes away any last doubt and drives the sojourn into the night along with memories you’ll try to retrieve tomorrow. Eluize’s take on techno, the bass pumps beneath a grinding acid line, interspersed with echoed bleeps and a cutting lead. The build continues. “Second Valley” is ecstatic. Deep house meets trance-esque undertones, for peak time moments or as the day breaks. Its cinematic soundscape speaks to Eluize’s penchant for the theatric as classical instruments twist through synthetic sounds. We close with “Rest (Refrain)” which brings back themes from the session had in an ambient context, mustering the mood of recovery, waking, confused in the gentle afternoon light, when memories and motifs from the night before linger on the mind in gentler forms. Photography by Christophe Mauberqué.

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