Dc Salas

“The Unspoken”

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Tracklist A1 Intro A2 Silently (ft. Joy Wellboy) A3 Victor A4 She’s Lost B1 Niños (ft. Mirror Minds) B2 Cala Falco (ft. Joy Wellboy) B3 The Unspoken B4 Enfant Bruit (Album Edit) Shortinfo: Having established himself as a vital figure in the Brussels music scene, Biologic Records co-founder DC Salas presents his debut album ‘The Unspoken’. The 10-track LP features collaborations with fellow Belgian electropop duo Joy Wellboy and Mirror Minds. After a string of dancefloor oriented EPs, he draws inspiration from his live act and diverts away from the club to explore the more melodic aspects of his sound. More than just a format, the album structure is used here as a method of storytelling, using the spontaneity of live music making to express varying emotions without restraint. Lead single ‘Cala Falco’ is a slow building track that treads carefully between warmth and melancholy, using subtle harmonic progressions to play with the mood of Joy Wellboy’s vocals. Title track takes cosmic melodies and layers them in polyrhythmic forms to hypnotic effect, whilst ‘This Love’ uses skeletal percussion to carry retro-futurist melodies. Many of the tracks produce textures that are only achievable with the use of hardware. From the sombre harmonies and crisp drums of ‘Victor’ to the swelling tension of ‘Enfant Bruit’, DC Salas masterfully navigates his equipment to create emotive and powerful sonic spectrums. The entirety of the production process was done with close friends, including mixing by fellow label owner Harold Boué (aka Abstraxion) and a video collaboration with Victor Pattyn.

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