Todd Osborn

“Elastic 68”

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Tracklist A. Elastic 68 AA. Authorized Dealer Shortinfo: It is our distinct honor and pleasure to welcome Todd Osborn to the Argot family with his stunning new single, Elastic 68. This double A sider came together over the last three years thanks to regular communication between the Michigan-based savant and label founder Steve Mizek. Its two tracks exemplify Argot’s musical direction and check a major item off the label’s bucket list of releasing a record by Todd. With nearly mythical finesse, the title track finds Osborn presides over a marriage of sassy, gleaming motifs and invigorating acid lines. Its assertive bass line grabs dancers by the scruff before the unleashing a torrent of churning acid riffs that could stir even the most jaded chin-scratcher. “Authorized Dealer” is tougher and even more acid-forward, stomping and squelching as it drags the dancefloor into the dungeon for beating it won’t soon forget. Vital Sales Points: - Supported by Kornel Kovacs, Midland, XXXY - Releases on Running Back, Ghostly/Spectral Sound, 7777

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