“Our Walls”

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Tracklist CD: 1. silence suits you 2. brush 3. hunters 4. pipedreams 5. all you want 6. cleanse me 7. fur 8. choke 9. our walls 10. carnivores and cannibals Short Info: ENGLISH After only 3 short years, my second album o u r w a l l s is out. It comes clad in vinyl, polycarbonate, bits and bytes and I’m very happy and relieved to finally let go of this one. The cores of its 10/11 (CD/2LP) Tracks were developed on a loop pedal at home. Lyrics spun here and there. Almost all of them are trying to extract levels of meaning from an everchanging knot of emotions. They take their time - ranging between t h r e e m i n u t e s f o u r t y to t h i r t e e n m i n u t e s f i f t y s e v e n - to clinically isolate, examine and name the elementary building blocks constituting the knot. o u r w a l l s is about the ups and downs of your everyday-mercilessly-hopeless love relationship, about staying mild when things get rough, fabulous metaphors, childish selfdefence mechanisms, the burning space in b e t w e e n words and o u r very personal w a l l s that have so far always kept us safe..

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