These Hidden Hands

“Vicarious Memories, Telefon Tel Aviv Rmx” | “Lustmord, Death In Vegas, Hypoxia Rmxs”

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Tracklist: A1. Glasir (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) A2. The Telepath feat. Julia Kotowski (Hypoxia Remix) A3. Socotra (Lustmord Remix) B1. Dendera Light (JK Flesh Remix) B2. Angkor (Death In Vegas Remix) Short info: The second edition of “Vicarious Memories” by These Hidden Hands realises 5 finely crafted remixes of last year’s expansive LP of the same title. This version features powerful reworks from Telefon Tel Aviv, Hypoxia, Lustmord, JK Flesh and Death In Vegas, out on June 23rd, 2017. Telefon Tel Aviv offers up his reinterpretation of “Glasir;” a solemnly disconcerting reduction of the original flooded with warmth, depth and space. This is followed by a contribution from Hypoxia a.k.a the illustrious Drumcell, who makes his mark on the beautiful vocalised track “Telepath,” imparting a heavy sense of melancholia and depth on to the listener. A dark atmosphere is woven by Lustmord on his remake of “Socotra,” with its enveloping celestial melodies and ominous reverberating drones that unfold throughout. JK Flesh boosts the energy of the release with his distinguishably distorted mix of industrial, dub and power electronics that shuffle and roll the listener along this spectrally bright reincarnation of “Dendera Light.” British producer Death In Vegas embraces the mystical facet of “Angkor;” patiently exploring serene soundscapes with much depth and colour.

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