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12” with printed sleeve, Artwork by Albrecht Gaebel Tracklist A1. Herodot B1. After Life B2. Secret Chamber Info: DJ bwin follow up Leibniz’s inaugural release for the newly-founded hundert imprint with a three-track EP. »Trinity« draws on feverish breakbeats, hardcore influences and about 2,3 gigatonnes of bass. Having released a split EP with DJ OK on Ireland’s First Second Label, »Trinity« sees the production duo venture into the realm of the ancient and the mystical, the inexplicable and the possibly made-up. Conceived as a triangle with one foot deep in the past and the other one in a future yet to explore, »Trinity« points all gunfingaz to the startling revelation that, hey, we’re all living in a computer simulation anyhow. Informed by the ancient knowledge of the Dubstep elders and Jungle’s relentless search for a grain of truth amongst the lies fed to us by the Lo-Fi House empire, DJ bwin bring together the unholy trinity of paranoid hoover chords, melancholic textures and piercing synth notes for an EP that henceforth shall be known as »banging atmospheric Hardcore Continuum derivatives for late-night hours«. This is not a pyramid scheme - or is it?

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