Portamento Boys

“I Never Koos This Life”

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LabelQuartet SeriesCat. No.QSB002
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Limited to 500 copies with artwork Track list: A1 - Been There Come Back A2 - Portamento 101 B1 - Final Dinner B2 - Eighty Ain’t Release Info: Quartet Series is back with the Bodybuilder Series after Scott Franka’s popped the new offshoot’s cherry in the spring. For this sophomore release, Nachtbraker sourced some serious production talent from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. While it’s the Portamento Boys’ first ever release, they have the chutzpah to go full-frontal Italo and pull it off with great panache with a moody and energetic EP. The record is characterized by catchy melodies, quirky vibes and warm analog grooves. Connoisseurs will instantly recognize the TR-606 and 707, SH-101, Ensoniq Esq1 and a Casio CZ-3000. The Italo express jets off and takes no prisoners with “Been There Come Back", a banging workout paying homage to the glorious 80’s. Shoulder-pad boogie anyone? “Portamento 101″ feels like you’re playing the 1986 version of Outrun on your Sega. On the flip “Final Dinner” serves up some fine Asian-Italian fusion Cuisine, and finally the P Boys drop “Eighty Ain’t", acknowledging that even though the tracks are clearly inspired by the 80s, they didn’t just emulate, but innovate instead. Now let’s introduce the Portamento Boys. Some say it al began when the first episode of “Jacques, zo is het wel weer genoeg geweest” was aired on the Dutch box back in the second half of 1988. Others say it was the respect he got for robbing the local Albert Heijn with the famous saying, “Hallo, Jumbo” that made him end up in solitary confinement. His colleagues say he never let go of Piet, his last undercover assignment. But the only one to help him in these times of mental distress, identity crises and general psychosomatic turmoil was Koos. After all these years there is a mantra to find in Piet’s life that keeps him going. He managed himself, stayed on his feet and let his life live him instead of the other way around: ‘I never chose this life, a

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