Prequel Tapes

“Shift Ltd 003,locked Grooves Vinyl Only”

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LabelMidnight Shift LtdCat. No.MNSHIFTLTD003
FormatEXCL12"JOrders fromFri, 29 Sep 2017
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Special remarks: Limited capsule collection 3/3 from Midnight Shift Tracklist: A1. The Stream A2. The Stream Lock Groove 1 (Vinyl only) A3. The Stream Lock Groove 2 (Vinyl only) B1. My Favourit Thing B2. Slow Move Info: After releases on the Ninja Tune-backed label R’COUP’D, the mysterious Prequel Tapes surfaces with an EP for Midnight Shift. Composed of 3 tracks and 2 locked grooves, SHIFT LTD 003 fossilises transient moments in between gridlocks of tight grooves. Like a scan of light sweeping surreptitiously across a dungeon of darkness or a blinking throb pulsating from the corner of one’s eye, these are the brief but blinding moments of illumination that capture time suspended on the edge of two worlds. Memory capsules slow-releasing an industrial mythos back into the clubbing consciousness. Prequel Tapes is a work of deep synthesis. Teenage recordings orchestrated into densely layered tapestries; a deeply emotional study on a life characterised by a shifting relationship to electronics. The pieces serve as a chronology of desire and reflection, reconciling a nascent passion for industrial music with a history in the club. There is a temptation to draw comparisons to Mark Leckey’s excavation of UK rave culture, Lee Gamble’s junglist memories or the hauntological approach of the Ghost Box label, however this is clearly a personal trajectory aesthetically distant from an English past. Oscillating between utopian to claustrophobic, the evolving synth work, deep techno atmospheres and traces of the clangorous energy of early European ambient and industrial tell a distinctly German tale, forged between the forest and the autobahn.

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