Acid Pauli

“Selected Indianer Works Motion Picture S” | “(lp)”

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LabelOuïeCat. No.OUIE005
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LP Tracklist: A1. Mauser (Intro) A2. Halbstark A3. El Condor y la brasa A4. Edda’s Cumbia A5. Serge A6. Wilhelm Tell A7. Edda, Mauser & Mustafa A8. Zelten A9. Resowing B1. Anan feat. Miri B2. Release B3. Acid Mauser B4. Remini Info: Acid Pauli and Nico Stojan’s label Oue proudly presents the original film score and soundtrack album for the new German moive ‘Es war einmal Indianerland’ which translates into ‘Once upon a time in Indian Country’ which is centered around brand new songs by Acid Pauli. On this vinyl version you’ll find a fine selection of new workls by Acid Pauli that are taken from the soundtrack. Imagine you’re 17 living in the tower blocks at the outskirts. The air is glimmering: summer. The night Jackie stole your heart. At the outdoor pool. Her red hair. Imagine how sparks emit out of happiness. Bang! Your world is unhinged: Zllner choked his wife. Edda, the 21 year old from the video store is chasing you. You enter the ring with buddy Kondor. Again and again you think you saw an Indian. And at showdown an almost biblical thunderstorm arises. Is that what it feels like - the adventure of being young ? A 17-year-old boy is at the odds with himself and the world. Pretty normal. But the coming-of-age-story “Es war einmal Indianerland” is not normal: it’s exceptional. Thrilling. Imaginative. The narration is virtousic, just as the attendant nominated novel by Nils Mohl who also wrote the screenplay - in collaboration with Max Reinhold. A psychedelic city-western ! Charged with pictures full of symbolism that are composed into a hypnotic whirl by Ilker atak - who won the Max-Ophls price and who has been distinguished with the student Oscar for ” Sadakat “. Another highlight : the outstanding cast. Newcomer Leonard Scheicher (” Quellen des Lebens “) as protagonist Mauser in between Jackie played by Emilia Schle (” Ku’damm ‘56, ” Jugend ohne Gott “), and Edda played by Johanna Polley (” Mumbai “). In additional roles there’s Clemens Schick

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