“Self Knowledge Ep”

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Tracklist 12″: A. Self Knowledge B1. A Reefa B2. Casa De Estrela Info: London’s Chocky joins the Dessous Recordings label and shares four tracks of sublime house music on Steve Bug’s imprint. ‘Self Knowledge’ is a deep, techy roller clocking it at nearly 10 mins - plenty of space to expand into its full potential - the groove grows ever more hypnotic and engaging as the track unfolds. Next up is ‘A Reefa’ - a non too subtle reference to a certain herb that might have inspired this loose yet highly funky deep house jam. ‘Casa De Estrela’ changes the vibe up with a more direct and jacking track - even though it would work at prime time, Chocky’s feel for space and drama make sure the track will be heard in many diverse surrounding and sets this year.

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