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Satori returns to Crosstown Rebels with his atmospheric album MAKTUB. Here is a four track vinyl sampler from the album, including a live unreleased vinyl only version of ‘While I Miss You’ Music flows through the veins of Satori. No ordinary artist, he is creating deeply spiritual music through a range of instruments and production techniques. MAKTUB, his debut album on the illustrious Crosstown Rebels pulls the listener into an exotic world, blurring the lines between electronic and meditative music. At the core of MAKTUB is Satori’s desire to touch people with his music, and his vocals shine through from start to finish, as he guides the listener on an Arabian Nights inspired journey. After the success of ‘Imanis’ Dress’ and ‘Umama’ singles, Satori’s album is a work of sonic beauty. This four track sampler features four diverse cuts from the album that will each beguil, inspire and enthrall.

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