“Youth & Power Cd”

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* Coming together over three years since his critically acclaimed last album, Hyetal completes his transformation from off-kilter dance music producer to futurist pop visionary on Youth & Power. “Previously my approach to writing music was very rooted in escapism,” says David Corney aka Hyetal. “I began experiencing a sense of detachment in my life which led me to question how healthy this approach was. I wanted music to help me feel connected again.” Wrenching his music free from the ‘confines of computer grids’ and pushing melody to the forefront, Youth & Power’s texturally rich, psychedelic palette is littered with live played synths, electric guitars, drum machines, processed noise and “some under-loved 70s home keyboards” recorded at Hyetal’s South London home studio. * Tracklist: CD: 1) Youth & Power, 2) Near Water, 3) Devils, 4) Saint, 5) White Roses, 6) Salt, 7) Hold, 8) Trust, 9) Permanence

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