Mental Bend

“One Step (cd)”

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LabelFenouCat. No.EFNU01CD
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CD Version - “One Step” is the Berlin-based indietronica duo’s visually vivid debut album, released on Enfant Fenou. Tracklist : 1 Madly In Love, 2 Counting Stars, 3 Fast Forward Day, 4 Stay, 5 One Step, 6 Machines, 7 Invisible, 8 Lost, 9 Walking The night is what makes a big city come to life. Right after sundown, the hectic buzzing of downtown makes way for adventure playgrounds, bathed in neon light, revealing their countless chances and opportunities. It’s when you’ll find the subway spitting out it’s purpose seeking passengers by the minute. A coming and going of restless people passing through. All it takes is a few hours, before the sunrise makes it all disappear. Mental Bend captures the magic of that very moment in their dreamy soundtracks. If you close your eyes, you can see blurry pictures passing in slow motion, accompanied by their atmospheric songs. Grainy black and white snapshots, fragments of memories lighting up somewhere in the farthest corner of the cortex. “One Step” is the Berlin-based indietronica duo’s visually vivid debut album, released on Enfant Fenou. Mental Bend are all about letting go. Sissip (voc/synth/bass) and Hendrik Havekost (beats/production) know how to trust their instincts, crafting their hypnotic signature sound, somewhere in between electronica, ambient and dream pop. Before founding the band in 2013, the two were already shaping their skills in all kinds of different formations and styles of music. As soon as they got together, they had a viral mini hit with their song “Take My Hand”, praised on various tastemaker blogs and generating over 100.000 likes on Soundcloud in no time. The band’s first long play record “One Step” is all about important experiences and decisions, small as well as big steps, all a part of making progress, which in the end can even be life changing. It was a step, that recently got Mental Bend their record deal on Mo’s Ferry’s sub label “Enfant Fenou”. In the past year, Sis

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