“Collectors, Ichinen Remix”

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LabelLast Drop RecordsCat. No.LDR004
FormatEXCL12"LOrders fromFri, 12 Jan 2018
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Tracklist A1. Stavrogin - Sixty Acres A2. Stavrogin - Collectors B1. Stavrogin - Are these actual miles? B2. Stavrogin Are these actual miles? ( Ichinen Interpretation ) Shortinfo: Finally here we are with the fourth release on Last Drop Records, signed by the london-based Stavrogin. ‘Collectors’ takes a more subdued approach from his debut on Australian label 3BS, focusing on ampdriven ambient textures and digital experimentation. ‘Sixty Acres’ is a juddering mass of static textures and penetrative low-end, forcing itself to a crumbled close. Title track ’Collectors’ is something like the afterglow. Weary and destitute, the track stumbles through heatwave-soaked atmospheres, fragmented voices stuttering like a malfunctioning android. ‘Are These Actual Miles?’ is perhaps the most direct, with its tremors of noise punctuated by a rhythmic pulse. This is a feature Italian duo Ichinen have capitalised on in their closing remix, reducing the track to a warbling, dead-eyed drum workout.

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