Paralysis, Paralysis And Amin Fallaha


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LabelDuatCat. No.DUAT002
FormatEXCL12"LOrders fromFri, 12 Jan 2018
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Tracklist A . BA - Paralysis AA. KA - Paralysis and Amin Fallaha Info: Paralysis met in Berlin last year. Two young guys hungry for life, living together in a small room. Sharing pizza and gear. Both are gifted with great skills when it comes to production of Techno music. Cesar Mendoza is doing awesome with melody composing, Max Schroeder loves sounddesign. Both are hitting the individual spot of our DUAT sound idea and when we heard their first steps in making music, we knew they need to become family soon. So we shared our studio with them in the summer and helped them to develope their own style and our vision of innovative dance music, detached from repetitive Tech House and Deep House trends. We are proud to pre-sent the very first released record ever by Paralysis and the collab between our label owner Amin Fallaha.

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