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“Another Ep”

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Tracklist A1 Chorus (6:59) A2 Bushwick (6:54) A3 Day2 (5:40) B1 BS (6:33) B2 Sin (5:43) B3 Chorus (Outro) (4:29) Key Selling Points The chorus: that moment where everyone connects and participates in unity. A moment anyone who’s shared a dancefloor can recognise whether it’s a festival arena, subterranean dark room or an illegal rave in a field, warehouse or any abandoned canvas between… Like the ones Cologne’s Julian Stetter has come from. Inspired by subversive communities, all pulling together for a greater cause, his background in underground parties can be felt in everything he’s done so far: his work with the Ancient Future Now label, his vast imaginative techno constructions and now his work with Jennifer Cardini’s long-standing community Correspondant with the widescreen odyssey that is ‘Chorus’ Six slices of evocative narrative-rich electronic soul inspired by his on-going international experiences on the road; loaded with poignant introspection, thunderous rumbles and playful theatrics, the EP is bookended by two versions of ‘Chorus’, a vision of scorching hope and lift that can seize a full floor’s attention in seconds and full live up to the track’s title, message and meaning. By far Julian’s most significant solo EP to date, this is a moment for us all to connect and participate. Join in if you know the chorus…

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