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A little over six years ago, Let’s Play House because, in earnest, with a 12-inch called Indoor Pool. Fittingly, the track it revolved around was by Runaway, the duo comprised of Marcos Cabral and Jacques Renault, and featured remixes by some tight friends of the imprint, Beautiful Swimmers, Slow Hands, and Soft Rocks. We thought it’d be fun to celebrate our birthday for once, but not with something too obvious (e.g. a compilation) or too involved (e.g. a warehouse party blowout). What we came up with is this, a 10-inch that reflects a little of the past into the present. Appropriately, it includes edits by two of the artists on that debut EP. Runaway’s is a dusted-off and remixed secret weapon from the act’s early days while Soft Rock’s is classic Soft Rocks, albeit from a more current vintage (it was recorded this year). Both absolutely rock. A little twisted, a little tilted, a little tipsy, but, as always, tight and tidy. Funny how, since 2009, everything has changed and nothing has changed at all for this label of ours.

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