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“R12: Contemporary Sounds Of Tel Aviv”

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Fascinating compilation review on Tel Aviv´s New Music Scene! ( remixed Israeli-Yemenite disco number from the seventies, a bundle of colourful andpsychedelic beats, a gentle and wellpolished pop tune, a song so frank it hurts that develops into a percussive devil’s dance,and three tracks touched by poetry: a modern-electronic rendition to the groundbreaking iconic Tel-Aviv) TRACKLIST: 1. DJ Caress - Stories (feat. Shimon Adaf & Herzel Shviro) 2. Rabo & Snob - Ilussions 3. Jerome C - Dont Say Im Crazy (feat. Einat) 4. Roy Harmon - Geshem+Geula 5. Ahmed Silan - Hemalot 6. Assaf Amdursky - Yona 7. Ryskinder - No Love at the Basketball Team (The Models Remix) 8. Mo Rayon - One Night (At Erawan Resort) 9. Zohar Wagner - Shtucha 10. Alek Lee - Amore 11. Ori & Yehezkel – Honesty “Rothschild 12” operated between 2009 and 2017 in the heart of Tel-Aviv, near the bustling intersection of Herzl street and Rothschild boulevard. Located on the ground floor of an elegant eclectic-style building which was built by Mr. Abraham Fogel exactly 100 years before it opened, “Rothschild 12″ began as an art gallery and quickly became a popular relaxed café and bar. While its front terrace faced the hustle and bustle of the city’s main boulevard, in its back room “Rothschild 12” hosted nightly live shows by a variety of established as well as up and coming independent musicians. What started off as improvised jam sessions soon developed into a full program ranging from jazz and rock to world music, hip hop and electronica. Now that “Rothschild 12″ is relocating to a new venue on Herzl street, it is time for a summary – a snapshot of the musical diversity which filled its walls – in the form of the compilation you are now holding. This musical summary of “Rothschild 12” brings together a modern remix to a pioneering Israeli-Yemenite disco number from the seventies, a bundle of colourful and psychedelic beats, a gentle and wellpolished pop t

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