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Tracklist: A. MODERN SUBLIME B1. LANDING B2. LANDING (ERNESTO FERREYRA REMIX) Info: The third release on MDRNTY REC comes from a longtime favorite and friend of the house: Mr. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts mostly known for his productions on Musique Risquée, Circus Company, Oslo or for his many other projects and aliases. ! Our fellow Canadian has crafted this Ep specially for us and we are happy to welcome him on the label. On remix duties we have Argentinian Ernesto Ferreyra (partner in crime with Guillaume in the project Chic Miniature). ! This release is a deep excursion into the groove of house and the hypnotic beauty of techno. It is designed for those late hours when everyone is dancing eyes closed, digging a little deeper into the moment. ! Modern Sublime is a long burner cinematic piece of music with it’s guitars, epic vocals, drum fills and acid bass lines. This track has it all and skillfully drives the tension high as the story unfolds. ! Landing on the B side showcases a very different but equally hypnotic face of this talented and longtime celebrated producer, with it’s arpeggiated melodies and lush pads Guillaume guides us to safe ground with this beautiful and precisely calibrated track full of emotions. ! Last but not least, Ernesto’s remix reconfigures the rhythmical structures of Landing and masterfully transforms it into a peak time house gem, guaranteed to move any living soul in the dance floor.

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