Vince Watson/ Dakota

“Another Rendevous”

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Next up on Yoruba is this split release. Glasgow’s Vince Watson invites us to a new dimension with his contribution. ‘Another Rendezvous’ says it all; atmospheric and carried by simple chords that float over the four to the floor pulse. Think movement and formation. Depending on your relationship with the universe, one might be able to feel the colours of this track, greens and blues. Pensive with just enough edge to secure a commitment from the seasoned DJs ear, this one is steady with a sexy incline that holds you through to the other side. Come ride. It’s bold to build a song around a steel drum and a West African shekere, but that’s where it starts with Dakota’s ‘Make it Better’. A gorgeous soulful house track featuring the vocals of Dakota and Osunlade’s vocals layered and arranged behind and throughout. The groove is a rich and well-constructed song with carefully considered lyrics that speak of longing, praise and caution. Listeners hear the echoes of Latin accents that call us into to reflection and flight. Surrender your hands in the air for this dancer friendly love gem that stretches beyond cliché lyrics. Yoruba Records delivers another high-quality soundscape that measures across time and space.

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