Tim Green

“Her Future Ghost”

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Tim Green returns to Cocoon with his atmospheric and emotive album titled ‘Her Future Ghost’. Surprisingly, after all this time, this is his first ever album in his career. An 11-track production following the producer’s recent vinyl EP titled ‘Echo / They Want Us To Fall Down.’ Tracklisting: CD 1. New Life 2. He Future Ghost 3. Colliding 4. The Opera 5. Echo 6. The Incident 7. Evaded 8. Same Life 9. They Want Us To Fall Down 10. He Fell Embracing the album format’s full potential, Tim Green’s ‘Her Future Ghost’ is effectively composed similarly to an electronic romantic film soundtrack: “My concept and direction for “Her Future Ghost” was to write a film score for a film that doesn’t actually exist.” says Tim. “As an avid film score lover, I wanted to create a body of work that took certain traits from common film score practices. For example different themes that repeat throughout, like character themes that evolve and mutate. As well as a narrative and story that develops through the music. In my mind the story is set in the future, based around 2 people, a couple. It based on another planet, a planet so distorted and corrupted in comparison to the world we know now. Essentially they are trying to flee and stay alive in a future society where it is impossible to stay under the radar, where they have to go to extreme lengths not be caught and put into the same system and society as everyone else on this planet.

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