Pepe Bradock

“Exodus 8”

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Cat. No.ATA018
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Pepe continues on the regular Atavisme Catalogue Number Order. And again two classique straight up, longue and “burning” 4 2 the floor House tracks as only Bradock can do. IS THIS REALLY A PARTY ? Yes you bet !! or in Pépé ´s unfiltered words: / The legal age of majority and the right to vote. 1<3 : chronology and timing is mandatory to make things happen supposedly.. After the terrible plague of awful doppelgängers, it is time to smoke out the disgusting trolls, using the best ingredients possible, Is this really a party ? Yes you bet !! Is hunger healthy or unhealthy ? Moderation is key, Oui guess. But ” À table!” Tracklisting: A1: IS THIS REALLY A PARTY ? (7mn41) Side B B1: GRANDGOUSIER (7mn05s)

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