Dj Ok

“Private Messages”

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LabelHundertCat. No.HUNDERT103
FormatEXCL12"LOrders fromFri, 04 May 2018
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12 with printed sleeve, Artwork by Albrecht Gaebel Tracklist A1 Binary Touch A2 Private Message B1 Cyber Sensuality B2 Moments in Code Info: Hundert: hey m8 :) Hundert: how u been pretty busy i assume eh? Hundert: Lol Hundert: anyhow got some proper Hundert: mutant house bangerz fer ya! Proper shit for the dancefloor Hundert: but also the heart Hundert: m8 u there? You: Hi Hundert: yeah so i thought id send u some advance promo ur always first on my list tbh ;) Hundert: its the third release by hundert by DJ You: ok Hundert: yeah exactly its dj ok you know them? Hundert: little known fact its actually two brothers lol You: Could you send me an email instead, please? Thank you. Hundert: hang on a sec got te press release right here fer ya Hundert: *the lol Hundert: anyhow here goes Hundert: With its third release, hundert is diving further into the technological maelstrom that has slowly transformed our perception of reality and what this thing called life is. DJ OK’s “Private Messages” poses some crucial questions about how we find, form and maintain relationships in our day in age. Fittingly, its sound was forged seemingly everywhere and nowhere at once: classic New York-leaning deep house vibes meet UK-inspired gunshot sounds and the frantic grooves of contemporary outernational club music, Balearic feels converge with the slick sound palette of our digital environments. “Private Messages” is as immersive as an ever-refreshing newsfeed, but just as emotional and real as the next person checking in on you via iMessage. DJ Ja and DJ Nein’s third effort can be as much enjoyed in the sweat-drenched physicality of a crammed club as it may serve as the perfect soundtrack for when you are home alone, connected with the entire world via a dimly-lit interface. These four tracks will touch your heart like a Spectre Attack would infiltrate the device you are using right now. And you know that it is unpatchable. All hardware problems are. Hu

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