Lybes Dimem

“Syncleft Chronem (lp Sleeve + Effect Foi”

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LP, Coverart + Special transparent red foil on top of cover - creating special effect with RBG colours (Red & Green) Tracklist 12″LP: A1 Tachy, A2 Horizon2020, A3 SaaS, A4 auto alternative B1 nexcent tenet, B2 double bound, B3 Da-Jiaing Innovations, B4 powerset. Short Info: LYBES DIMEM is a project by visual artist and musician Lukas Rehm. With a focus on digital sound-de- sign, elaborate beat structures and the use of error, the music plays with cognitive phe-nomena and abstraction while maintaining an emotional refuge. LYBES DIMEM is presented in formats ranging from spatial sound experiences to sy- nesthetic shows complementing the auditive layers with visualiza- tions of real-time data, computer graphics and moving image. Lukas Rehms installative art, and compo- sitions have been internationally presented and awarded with multi- ple emerging arts prices. SYNCLEFT CHRONEM is the first album released by LYBES DIMEM in both digital and vinyl for-mat and accompanied by a moving image artwork. The title reflects the pro- jects interest in the potential of difference, cognitive frictions and exertion: sync = variability in the processing of audi-tive and visual signals, syncleft = the synaptic cleft, which is a crucial empty spa- ce in biological neural networks, chronem = the chroneme as a the- oretical unit to measure the time of an articulated sound. Mathemati- cally clean sounds juxtapose pat- terns and transitions familiar from the realm of organic acoustics. Multi-layered noise textures ex- plore the simulated space. A tem- porary continuity is provided by percussive and melodic elements, right until the next escala-tion, eventually awaiting a concluding resolution. The visual language explores dif- ferent phenomena and techniques of cognition inspired by the rhe- torics of big science (computer graphics, discontinuity of materi- al, pop cultural references). Both the moving image artwork and the graphic design of the release pay tribute

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