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12″ sleeve designed and hand stamped by Alex from Cassegrain. Tracklist A1. Unpunishable A2. Vertisol B1. Aqua Velva Shortinfo: Rhyw is Alex Tsiridis aka one half of Cassegrain. On this, his solo debut for Arcing Seas, his smoul-dering alien techno sound manifesto continues to thrive over three unique tracks. The morphing, deconstructed acid of ‘Unpunishable’ - a molten statement of lusty intent - strikes first in a heady, hazy pummelling of doom-funk. ‘Vertisol’ pushes crisp and dry snaking percussion through an anechoic chamber; the bass end neatly warming at first then burning hard through your mid section. An icy cold shot of ‘Aqua Velva’ is the final offering - a pushing sub-level trip through Rhyw’s private domain - where tingling rushes of bass and static charges wash over us leaving a sinful residue. Label info: Arcing Seas is an anagram of Cassegrain. It started out as a secret alias, releasing a couple EPs on Our Circula Sound. The secret was less well kept after the duo appeared at Berghain under this name. A year later, after deciding to start a label, it finally made sense to bring the two together. CASSEGRAIN = Co S o S o G o R o N o A o E o A o I = ARCING SEAS Vital Sales Points: - Releases on Infrastructure NY, Prologue, Ostgut Ton, Semantica, Killekill amongst others - Regular touring worldwide across Europe, USA and Asia.

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