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12″, 135g limited cherry black Vinyl Tracklist A1 stillashy[91] 02:11 A2 lites 02:18 A3 U 01:47 video A4 B.C. 01:57 A5 somthnspecial.[int] 00:28 A6 on_foot w. pink siifu 02:17 video A7 bait_ 01:43 A8 crybaby_think 02:32 B1 larry 02:26 B2 coin-0p 02:33 B3 no_kavi.[terri] 01:01 B4 pina 02:08 B5 nothnfree[94] 02:09 B6 cotton[2.ths.day]{int} 01:31 B7 skies_purple[nuu’s] 01:32 B8 only..human. 01:31 Shortinfo: “Your mind makes it real.” - Ahwlee Vital Sales Points: Extensive Global Sticker Promo Campaign Special Bonus Tracks Release Full-Life April 2018 (digital only) Life2 Quotes : “Once you press play you want to listen to it from front to back.” - Danny Veekens (The Find Mag) “Life2 embodies the essence of the ancestors. The marriage of his kicks, snares and hi hats with those lush soul chops reminds me of the first time I fell in love with hip hop.

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