Jeanne Moreau

“Le Tourbillon De Ma Vie (best Of 2017)”

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Territory: World excl. FR and Canada Special Remarks: CD edition in 2-panel digipack, 20-page booklet with exclusive pictures and notes from Jeanne Moreau, François Truffaut and Cyrius Bassiak (aka. Serge Reznavi). Tracklist: 1. Le Tourbillon (extrait du film Jules Et Jim) / 2. La Vie De Cocagne / 3. J’ai La Mémoire Qui Flanche / 4. Rien N’arrive Plus / 5. Je Ne Suis Fille De Personne / 6. La Vie S’envole / 7. Ni Trop Tôt Ni Trop Tard / 8. Moi Je Préfère / 9. La Peau, Léon / 10. Le Blues Indolent / 11. La Fermeture A Glissière / 12. J’avais Un Ami / 13. Les Mensonges / 14. Tantôt Rouge Tantôt Bleu / 15. Les Mains Sur Les Tempes / 16. Tout Morose / 17. L’homme d’Amour / 18. Les Mots De Rien / 19. Ou Vas Tu Mathilde / 20. L’horloger / 21. Anonyme / 22. Angora Rose / 23. Embrasse-Moi (extrait du film Peau De Banane) / 24. Minuit Orly / 25. L’amour Fou / 26. Les Wagons De Lit / 27. Tu M’agaces / 28. Jamais Je Ne T’ai Dit Que Je T’aimerai Toujours / 29. Adieu Ma Vie Short info: An emblematic actress and a memorable figure of the French chanson scene, Jeanne Moreau passed away in 2017. She started singing as an amateur in theatre like the Comédie Française, but always wanted “to sing ballads”. The man who wrote her first songs was her friend: the painter Cyrus Bassiak (pseudonym of Serge Rezvani) and like for many other artists Jacques Canetti was the one who brought her to a recording studio to record her first songs in 1963. This album pays homage to Jeanne Moreau by compiling for the very first time all the songs written by Cyrus Bassiak, including 4 songs that were nowhere to be found until today.

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